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Welcome from the Chair

We are all living through a quite extraordinary period in the world’s history.  The last Global Pandemic was 100 years ago.  It infected an estimated 500 million people around the world, causing about 50 million deaths.  The current pandemic had all that potential but thanks in great part to the transformation in health services throughout the world and the advances in medicine, the figures now are but a fraction.  There is another dimension though, the engagement of a world-wide population in  limiting the spread of the infection: made possible by means of mass- communication.

I am very much aware just how difficult the past months have been for everyone, but especially for those who have been caring at home for young people who have not been able to begin to understand why the routine of their lives was completely disrupted.  The relief of all can be summed up in the joy of my Grandson on Friday when he realised he had arrived at Brimble Hill for the first time since March.  “Yay!" was heard from the back of the car, after which when released he buzzed in without a second thought.

While we can look forward to the future, for me now is the time to pay tribute to all who have contributed so much to getting BSM to where we are today.  We are blessed with an outstanding staff within each setting.  They are supported by outstanding leaders in each place.  The professionalism and dedication of the leadership teams has shone through in the way that each setting has responded to all that has been thrown at them to cope in this pandemic. We have been open throughout and support has been maintained for the neediest at all times. Bespoke response plans for each young person have had to be designed to operate within a new “normal” which itself has had to be designed to work appropriately taking into account the health and well- being not only of the young person but their peers , staff and the entire community.

On behalf of my fellow trustees, I have to give thanks and recognition for the truly exceptional service throughout this period of the Central Services team, the senior leadership and above all to our outstanding Chief Executive, who has not spared herself for one moment.  I am so grateful to for all our colleagues who serve on the Local Governing Committees, the Champions Groups and the Trust Board.  I know that all are longing for the day when we can meet each other, rather than stare at a computer screen.

With all that in mind, the future is before us.  “ No Barriers only Potential “ rings as true today as ever it has done since the start of BSM. 

Thank you all for playing your parts as members of the BSM family, enabling us together to be a beacon of success for our young people.


William Wyldbore-Smith
Chair of Brunel SEN MAT

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