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Welcome from the Chair

All the Trustees and the Members of Brunel SEN Multi Academy Trust (BSM) are only too aware of the responsibility they have to ensure the delivery of the exceptional learning experience that will enable the young people who may be within the BSM family from Nursery to Horizons College to achieve their potential. We have been handed a very special trust. We really mean it when we say “No Barriers only Potential”.

The children and young people are in the centre of all we do. We know we have been handed jewels in terms of the provisions that have been put into our care. We will nurture those for the benefit of the pupils, their parents, carers and the community around us. We believe strongly that our ethos applies to every one working in BSM. In order to deliver the outcomes for all that we aspire to, we plan for BSM to be a beacon within the SEND sector. Not only do we want the best for the young people at any one of our settings, but we want to join in the development of best practice for SEND provision throughout the education system, especially within the schools community that surrounds us.

It is for the reason of being a true beacon that we intend to remain a Boutique Multi Academy Trust. We intend to ensure excellence in everything that is done in the name of BSM so that we can then extend that knowledge to others. By remaining focused entirely on SEND work within our provisions, we believe we can better concentrate on what we do as we now are, rather than by being distracted by the responsibility for a wider range of settings.

All our staff are vital to us. “No Barriers only Potential” applies to them as well. The people who work for BSM, whether Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Reception or Support staff, let alone our senior leaders are very special. We will focus on training and development for all. I am very excited about the potential in terms of learning, development and best practice that we can release through our Champion Groups bringing together staff, at all stages in their professional development, to share ideas and practices to strive to keep everything they can do for our children and young people at the highest level.

Finally, I must mention the devoted individuals who form our Local Governing Committees. They are all volunteers who give of their time and skill without stinting and have taken on great responsibility for no personal gain. Without their continued diligence and devotion, we could not operate. Each one is an essential member of the BSM family.

A jewel has been entrusted to us, which we are determined we will keep shining brightly both for this generation of young people and for those in the future, reaching out as far and wide as we can, so that only the potential is seen in children and young people with SEND and all of them have the best opportunities to make the most of their talents in adult life.

William Wyldbore-Smith
Chair of Brunel SEN MAT

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