Brunel SEN MAT

Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning is a vital element of BSM leadership. Our strategic planning is driven by our clear vision and mission objectives with the "BSM Golden Thread" embedded in all development and improvement work across all our Education Provisions.

BSM mission objectives are delivered through clearly understood strategic objectives that are met by annual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). All this strategic work is underpinned by robust process and systems that are rigorously monitored and quality assured to ensure that outcomes can be achieved.

The primary purpose of the BSM Strategic Plan is to have a positive impact on CYP with SEND and ensure they are able to lead happy and meaningful lives in their community.

BSM End of Year KPI Review

BSM Strategic Plan 2020/2021 2022/2023 (V8)

BSM Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Mid-Year Review 20/21

BSM Strategic Plan Review 2019/2020

BSM 3 Year Growth Plan

Brunel SEN MAT Covid-19 Recovery Plan

BSM Annual Data Report 2019-2020

BSM Annual Cycle of Reporting and Data Analysis

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