Brunel SEN MAT

BSM welcomes Lord Agnew

Students and staff were delighted to welcome Lord Agnew, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the School System, to Uplands School and Brimble Hill School on Wednesday. Lord Agnew was entertained by the School Choir and observed a School Council meeting and vote. Lord Agnew then met with members of the Brunel SEN MAT Board.

Lord Agnew said

“It was an absolute pleasure spending time at Uplands Secondary SEN School and Brimble Hill Primary SEN School yesterday to see how Brunel SEN MAT and Uplands Enterprise Trust are coming together to support young people across Swindon, so that they can learn and develop the skills they need to thrive both in education and life outside the school gates.

“It’s been great to see in action what free schools can achieve when education leaders are given the space to bring new and innovative approaches to education, which is why the government is committed to opening more free schools like the one visited yesterday.”

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