Brunel recognises and accepts its responsibility as an employer and provider of services and will provide a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment for all staff, children and young people and all other stakeholders who take part in any Brunel organised or related activities.   

Brunel will adopt health and safety arrangements in line with its Health and Safety Policy and will continually strive to meet and adhere to all relevant health and safety legislation associated guidance and codes of practice. 

Brunel will appoint a competent person to provide us with Health & Safety assistance. We will review and monitor our Health & Safety performance to reduce the potential for work-related injuries, cases of occupational ill health or other incidents (such as fires or dangerous occurrences).

It is also the responsibility of each employee to familiarise themselves and comply with the Company’s policy and procedures on health and safety, and so all employees will be trained in safe working practices and procedures, including instruction on the safe use of any equipment provided.